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Seeking outsized return potential within Energy, Transportation and Commodities (ETC)

Over the last few years, the combination of low commodity prices, ESG concerns, and uncertainty around long-term demand has triggered an abrupt stop to investments in the energy sector. Today many of these companies have an implied cost of equity over 25%, making any new investments prohibited by the capital markets.

These dynamics, coupled with the long decarbonization path we now embark on, set the stage for a commodity super-cycle that could last 3-5 years in our view. It is these opportunities within Energy, Transportation, and Commodities that S.D. Standard ETC Plc seeks to take part in.

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The current state of the energy markets clearly demonstrate the critical role of hydrocarbons, and the dislocation between the proceeded good intensions of addressing climate change and how these policies play out in the real world. We are now seeing the predictable outcome of years of underinvestment in traditional energy resources, with adverse environmental ramifications. We are especially optimistic about the role of natural gas in the world’s energy ecosystem, not only in reliability and cost, but in meeting global climate goals.


Shipping plays an important role in the global economy, providing an efficient mode of transport for c. 80% of world trade that is expected to grow by c. 25% in this decade. The pressure is now on the maritime industry to decarbonize as a combination of regulations, financial incentives and stakeholder pressure drives the industry to cut GHG emissions.


The global energy system is in the midst of a major transition to clean energy that will require vast amounts of critical minerals such as copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt and rare earth elements. In many cases, current production and investment plans could fall well short of what is needed to support the rollout of solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles, to name a few.