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Financial Calendar


Q1 2023 Financial Report – 11 May 2023
Annual General Meeting – 14 June 2023
Q2 2023 Financial Report – 10 August 2023
Q3 2023 Financial Report – 9 November 2023
Q4 2023 Financial Report – 15 February 2024

As a company incorporated in Cyprus, Standard ETC is subject to Cypriot laws and regulations. In addition, as a consequence of being listed on Oslo Bors, the company is complying with certain aspects of Norwegian securities law and is adhered to the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, as long as it is in accordance with mandatory provisions in the Cyprus Companies Law.

We urge our shareholders and potential investors to keep abreast and ensure adherence towards Cyprus transparency law.

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We further inform our shareholders that pursuant to the provisions of the CY Transparency Law shareholders, who either acquire or dispose shares in the Company and their percentage reaches/exceeds or falls the thresholds of either 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50% or 75% of their total voting rights, they have an obligation to inform CySEC at by filling in and emailing the form “190-01-01-notification form for Major Holding” and at the same time inform the Company by e-mail at