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Standard’s PSV 100% Ownership
Entering a new segment, large PSV’s

Standard ETC, through wholly owned Norwegian subsidiaries, has 100% control of two large PSV, the Standard Viking, an Standard Supplier.

The “Standard” sisters ST-216L CD «Standard Viking», and «Standard Supplier» are all famous and well known for their extreme power, speed and good station keeping, especially in very harsh weather conditions. Always the last vessels to give in.”

The Fleet

sister vessel specs

  • Build:
    Aker Brattvag, Norway between Nov 2007 and June 2008
  • Ship Type:
    PSV “ST-216 L CD”
  • Class (Identical):
    DNV +1A1, SF, E0, DynposAUTR, ICE-1B, DK(+), LFL*, CLEAN DESIGN, COMFC3–V3 (at 80% thruster load), NAUT OSV, DE-ICE
  • Deck Gargo Max:
    2,950 t
  • Dwt/GT/NT:
    5150 mt/4277/1283
  • Drill /Ballast Water:
  • Methanol Tank (SS):
  • Liquid mud:
  • Brine/Oil Recovery:
  • DP Princess:
    DGPS, Radius, Fanbeam
  • Supplier/Viking:
    DGPS, Radascan, Fanbeam
  • Dimensions:
    93.4 x 19.2 x 8.4m
  • Main Engine:
    4 x Caterpillar @ 2548 bhp
    1 x Caterpillar @ 1273 bhp