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A fleet of PSV.

Entering the OSV Market with a bang

“All investments are 100% equity financed and can be offered to oil companies at highly competitive cash positive rates.

Standard ETC through its wholly owned Norwegian Subsidiary WANAX AS, currently controls directly and indirectly, a fleet of seven (7) PSVs two (2) large PSVs 100% owned and five (5) medium sized PSVs with 28,12% ownership.

Fletcher shipping is currently acting as commercial and technical manager for the Company’s partly and wholly owned PSVs. Fletcher shipping is an experience North Sea operator and commercial manager with high utilization track record.”

Standard’s Vessels.

The “Standard” sisters ST-216L CD «Standard Viking» and «Standard Supplier» are both famous and well known for their extreme power, speed and good station keeping, especially in very harsh weather conditions. Always the last vessels to give in.”

Northern Supply AS.

The FS Kristiansand was Standard Drilling’s first entry into the OSV sector, in 2016.
The FS Abergeldie and FS Crathes are UT 755 LN ship type, a well-known design that is being operated all over the world within all main areas of the offshore industry.
The FS Balmoral and FS Broemar are fitted with more equipment such as, stainless steel tanks, anti-roll tanks and an increased deck, surpassing 700m², making them a sought after target when the market returns.