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The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is the forum for the Company’s shareholders to participate in major decisions and shall be held no later than fifteen months from the date of the previous AGM.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, all shareholders who have registered their addresses with the company will receive notice by mail no later than 21 days before a general meeting is held. The notice and relevant documents will also be published on the company’s website at least 21 days before a general meeting is held.

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The Company’s AGM is open to all the Company’s shareholders and the Board of Directors is taking steps as recommended by the Code of Practice ensuring that as many shareholders as possible may exercise their rights by participating in general meetings of the Company.

Shareholders may exercise their vote through a representative or proxy. All shares have equal voting rights. There are no restrictions on ownership or any known shareholder agreements. The AGM minutes are published through the notification system of the Oslo Bors Stock Exchange and on the Company’s website.

Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the Company, the Chairman of the Board will chair the general meeting or in case he is absent or unwilling to do so, the directors present shall elect one of their member to act as the chairman of the meeting.